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Masami Breakup from Book 1:


Masami getting back together again:


Anonymous said: when the bunny spirit is behind tenzin's head he looks like katara in sokka's painting in the last episode of atla lol








Pictures might have helped. 

[How does everyone not see Mako’s expression as a “fuck you, you little shit” face?

You think Mako didn’t hear thinly veiled threats against him and Bolin on a daily basis when he was with the Triple Threats? A psychic bloodbender contorted his body in extremely painful positions. His epithet is “Cool Under Fire”. Did you really think Mako was going to cower in front of a dandy little bitch like Varrick? Bitches like Varrick don’t last a minu te in the world Mako grew up in. Varrick has no strength, he has no courage. The only thing Varrick has that’s respected in Mako’s world is money. Varrick’s money’s the only thing keeping him alive, and Mako knows that.

Not to mention, threatening Asami and Bolin is like threatening a couple of sleeping bears. They’re adorable, but they will fuck your shit up.]

THANK YOU!! avataraang it’s a fucking close-minded bigot

see this is what i get when i make a lame joke. but seriously, for someone that supposed to be a “troll” blog all im seeing is a lot of personal attacks and swearing

justafallleaf said: I actually really enjoyed this episode. what did you think of jinora's character/story development?

I quite enjoyed this episode too actually! If I just ignore the whole Mako/Bolin/Asami bits, I’d rate it quite highly. 

Jinora’s storyline was great. So glad she’s the one going into the Spirit World. Here’s hoping she’s gonna meet grandad Aang at one point. 

I also noticed a markable difference in Korra’s attitude. Maybe it’s the Wan thing, maybe it’s cause she not next to Mako… Either way, I find her character a lot more enjoyable and relatable. 

Last 4 Episode Air Dates and Descriptions 


So, to recap:

Night of a Thousand Stars - November 15th at 8pm: “Bolin saves the day when President Raiko is attacked.”

Harmonic Convergence -  November 15th at 8:30pm: “Korra and company try to close the spirit portals before the Harmonic Convergence.”

Darkness Falls - November 22nd at 8pm: “Korra discovers a new twist in Unalaq’s evil plan; Tenzin realizes that he must face his own demons.”

Light in the Dark - November 22nd at 8:30pm: “Korra discovers a way that she may be able to defeat the ultimate dark spirit and save the world.”

Like mother, like daughter. 

Pictures might have helped. 

weirddeerdog said: My only complaints really of the last episode was wow Asami you would lose trust in Mako that quickly? And hahaha wow Tenzins siblings were rude gloating about how he couldn't get into the spirit world and laughing about it. But if his siblings wanted too they could be spiritual and care about air bender culture? Guru Patik wasn't a bender but I'm sure he has been to the spirit world so I guess being a bender doesn't matter?

Well they play off Mako’s ~betrayal~ against the fact he cheated on Asami last season. That was what his line ironically referenced. So actually, I think Asami’s slight hesitancy was probably caused by the poor choice of words on Mako’s part. I’m more concerned about the fact Asami seems to have learnt nothing from her experience with Mako from S1. 

And yeah, Kya and Bumi wanted to be part of Aang’s legacy earlier in the season. But they sure do love laughing at Tenzin when he fails to uphold his part of the legacy. They should be just as able to get into the spirit world as Tenzin. 


The sibling dynamics between the Cloudbabies were MUCH better in this episode, too. They were far less expository, they expressed themselves and their characters through their words (Bumi’s “Welcome to the ‘I Disappoint Dad’ Club!” line tells us that he always felt that he let Aang down, but he’s treating it lightly these days, and Kya’s sticking up for Jinora is a sign that her and Jinora are close to one another), and they just got along well. Kya called Tenzin out for being stubborn, Bumi let them do their thing, and Tenzin was determined not to let Aang down.

Also, the part where Bumi was talking about throwing rocks better than an earthbender? Yeah, that was MUCH better at conveying how much he compares himself to benders than “You’re still trying to prove that y ou can do everything a bender can, well guess what? You can’t!” 

Kya protecting Jinora was adorable, and just the fact that they were doing things together…yes. I can’t wait to see them all attacked by a spirit in the next episode. ^_^

The fact they brought up the ‘Aang had a shitty relationship with his kids’ plot line did give a bit of hope that it would be explored further in upcoming eps.

But only a bit of hope, I still think this shit will be swept under the rug later on.

via swan2swan

Looking at you, Nick. 

i have a few thoughts on the love triangle, but the overbearing unignorable one is that the only, ONLY, way for to end well is for a threesome. 

im not even joking. all other options will be soaptastic eyerolling excruciating scenes. threesome is the only way for everyone to get over their hormones and move the fuck on. 






ahah, that’s quite clever. +1 for the show

when mako’s like “asami, i would never do anything to hurt you!” it seems like they do remember S1 actually happened.